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David Dison

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Nossel’s clearly preoccupied…

Nossel left the Commercial Crimes Unit on foot, clearly preoccupied..

Nxumalo tapped him on the shoulder, smiling.

“Celebratory lunch, old man? It is Friday, and that calls for a drink on its own, besides we won big today, and Cornelius is finally behind the jail door.”

“As long as you’re prepared to sit with another old reprobate from that time” Nossel retorted.

“Today, I don’t care who else is there, as long as you and I can etch our victorious battle in wine upon the table.”

“OK Chief,” Nossel sighed as he and the corruption-buster jostled their way up Eloff Street through the columns of downtown Joburg’s Friday pedestrian armies, “but I’m not sure any more what we’re achieving, putting these white collar extortionists behind bars, when out here crime is more rampant than ever, and all my friends fear for their lives and want to leave the country.”

“Tell me, Nossel, twenty years ago could you walk up Eloff Street amongst the crowds so free?”

The question snapped Nossel out of his reverie.

“Yes, but what’s the point of all this freedom if there all these stray bullets around?”

Touché Nossel. Let’s stop wrangling and go and get a bit of Friday afternoon cheer.”


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  • advnarayan
    October 27th, 2008 @05:09 #

    I am Narayan Radhakrishnan, a lawyer practicing in Trivandrum, INDIA, a self- proclaimed “numero-uno legal thriller lover” and the author of A FICTION OF LAW: A STUDY IN LAW AND LITERATURE, ! a ‘bibliographic work’ tracing the growth of the legal thriller genre over the last three centuries, through the masters of the genre- or in other words- a complete Who is Who of the legal thriller genre. This work features about 500 legal authors and 2000 books, spread over the last 300 years. An excerpt can be read at “Picturing Justice” Now the work is into its 5th edition
    I am also the Sr. Associate Reviewer for Legal Thrillers for New Mystery Reader Journal ( and for Rebecca’s Reads E-zine (
    A FICTION OF LAW is a never ending one, and I plan to keep it updated every year.
    And always working for the promotion of the legal thriller genre. Please do give me more information of your Jerome Nossel series of legal thrillers. What’s the title of the 2nd Nossel work. I haven’t read Death in the New Republic, and the only information I have is from the internet.
    Please do reply
    Narayan Radhakrishnan
    The Numero Uno legal thriller lover.
    Advocate & Sr. Associate Reviewer (legal thrillers),
    Associate Reviewer, New Mystery Reader Journal
    “Sree Nivas”,
    12, Belhaven Gardens, Kowdiar,
    Trivandrum- 695 003
    my email id is advnarayan at yahoo dot com


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